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Student Conduct on School Buses

School Bus Rules

The Student Conduct Code is a general guideline for all school activity.

JICC-R Regulations for District Policy JICC
Adopted: June 26, 1997
Revised: June 21, 2000

It is a privilege for students to ride a Jefferson County Public School bus, and the responsibility of both the driver and students to do everything possible to make the ride safe. The right of a student to ride a school bus is contingent upon their continuous observance of safety rules, established regulations, and acceptable behavior.

The following rules of conduct are to be observed by students who ride school buses:

Classroom behavior and noise level is the acceptable behavior on a bus. The driver is in full charge of the bus and students. The driver has the right to assign seats to meet the needs of the majority of passengers. Students are responsible for the area in which they sit. Any damage inflicted to the bus will be paid for by the student(s) responsible.

  1. Students must use only the front door to enter and exit the bus except in an emergency. Tampering with emergency doors, windows or equipment is prohibited.

  2. Students must sit in the seats facing forward. Students must not block the aisles or stairwells; these areas are to remain clear in case of emergency. To prevent possible injury, students are not allowed to move around while the bus is in motion.

  3. Harassment, aggressive behavior, bullying, or discriminatory/abusive language or conduct towards the driver or other persons, on or off the bus, is unsafe and prohibited.

  4. Possession of weapons such as knives, guns, chains or any other dangerous item(s) including laser pointers, that can inflict injury are strictly prohibited and illegal.

  5. Throwing, spitting, kicking, or shooting items inside the bus or out the windows is hazardous and prohibited.

  6. Smoking or chewing tobacco and possession of alcohol or illegal drugs while on the bus is illegal.

  7. Use of flame or spark producing devices, including but not limited to matches, lighters, etc., is prohibited.

  8. To prevent injury to students and others, no body part or other object may be extended out a bus window.

  9. Students are expected to be absolutely quiet at all railroad crossings to allow the driver full concentration to correct procedures and hazards.

  10. Students must have written permission from parent/administrator to use a bus stop other than their regularly assigned stop.

Students who behave inappropriately and do not follow bus rules are subject to discipline up to and including suspension from all bus riding privileges.

Misconduct citation forms may be used to ensure proper communication between the parents, students, school personnel and the bus driver. This form must contain the student's name, school, route number, date, the driver's name, and a written description of the act of misconduct. Video cameras may be in use on buses at any time.

School District policy does not allow a student to be removed from a school bus en route to or from school.

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