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Families of Students Currently Enrolled in GT Center Schools: see here for communication you should have received regarding EnrollJeffco procedures for continuing your student’s GT Center experience, and links to each GT Center School’s page.


Enrollment Clarifications: Fall 2020

  • If currently enrolled GT Center students opt for full remote learning (not home school) for all or part of the year due to health concerns, but remain on the GT Center school enrollment roster and participate remotely through that GT Center school, they would not have to reapply for a GT Center spot in the 2021-22 school year as long as they are in good academic standing. They would be enrolled in the GT Center school and would need to commit to GT Center for the following year by the end of 1st round EnrollJeffco choice window (Jan 15, 2021) if they want to continue the following year. Students would need to remain technically on that Center School’s enrollment list for the year and would have to indicate their intent to return via EnrollJeffco.
  • If families opt to home school (as opposed to remote learning via the GT Center School) their child, or transfer to another school, and they are no longer on the GT Center School’s enrollment list, they would lose their spot at that particular school and would have to reapply for the 2021-22 school year (or thereafter) and go through the EnrollJeffco choice lottery for a spot at a particular GT Center school. We cannot indefinitely ‘hold’ spots for GT Center classrooms. This is true for all Jeffco choice programs, as noted on 8/5 in the Restart Jeffco FAQs – see the last question under the ‘General section’: “Is it possible to withdraw and/or home-school my students from Jefferson County Public Schools for one year and then re-enroll them to resume their education at that time without penalty?”
  •  “If your student(s) is currently choice-enrolled at a school and you withdraw them for the 2020-21 school year, you would need to re-apply through the choice enrollment process to secure enrollment for the 2021-22 school year.”
  • Students who were in GT Center throughout the 2019-20 school year would still be qualified for GT Center if they returned in 2021-22 and would likely not have to retest, but they would still need to reapply and go through the lottery.  The application deadline is October 14 -- see our GT Center Referral Application page to apply.
  • EnrollJeffco Round 2 Window is now closed. All transfers to GT Center schools must now go through the Administrative Transfer process, as noted on the EnrollJeffco page. Only students who were qualified this past year are eligible to transfer, and Administrative Transfers must be approved by both the current school’s principal and the receiving school’s principal. The GT Department will not make new qualifications for new applicants prior to January. 


7/21 Update on GT Center Restart plan for 2020-21


By enrolling in GT Centers via EnrollJeffco, all returning and newly qualified families are agreeing to our GT Center School Expectations!

What is a Gifted Center?

NOTE: The structure of primary grades (1st & 2nd grades) enrollment may vary at each GT Center depending on each school’s enrollment and staffing capacity at those grade levels.  Some schools may need to combine primary grade levels, cluster small groups of students or adopt some other configuration to accommodate GT Center students in these grades.  No matter the configuration, we will ensure that the academic and affective needs of GT students will be met.

The needs of advanced learners are mainly addressed at each neighborhood school. Jeffco offers an optional program, the Gifted Center, for highly academic students who are identified as Gifted.

In existence since 1984, Gifted Centers are housed in regular school settings and provide full-time educational experiences. Instruction involves acceleration, enrichment, and attention to affective needs. Instruction is based on various formal and informal data to assure that the needs of the students are met.  A trained GT Counselor provides social-emotional support to classrooms one day per week at each of our GT Center schools.

Jeffco currently offers 9 Elementary school, 6 middle school, and 2 high school Center programs.  See this map of the GT Center Schools.

This flowchart show the likely progression students would follow from one GT Center to the next level for a K-12 GT Center experience.

See our GT Center School Expectations for our commitments to families.

This document outlines the differences between neighborhood schools and GT Centers.

See this list of GT Center FAQs to answer common questions about GT Centers. Here is a list of our GT Center Schools and staff.

Visit our ID Referral and Center Application page to apply.

If you missed our district GT Center presentation on September 16, you may access a brief video version of the presentation and also view the slides presented that night. 


Transfers, Waitlist, Leave of Absence Protocols

Students voluntarily leaving a GT Center school and wanting to return to a GT Center school after an extended absence will need to fill out a GT Center Leave of Absence Form.  Please request the form from .  A leave of absence may be granted in the following situations:

  • Travel
  • Family emergency
  • Medical
  • Parent temporary job transfer


  • If the student will be absent for an entire school year and a Leave of Absence is granted, the student will need to reapply, and possibly retest (if original GT qualifying test data is more than two years old), for placement back into a GT Center school for the following year.
  • If a Leave of Absence is granted and a student leaves after September 30 and returns before the end of the current school year, reapplication and testing is not necessary.
  • If a student’s Leave of Absence will occur during a transition from one GT Center school to another at a different level (such as at the end of 5th grade year prior to going from elementary to middle school) that family will have to reapply for entry into the new GT Center school.
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