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What is Amendment 73?

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Amendment 73 is a statewide constitutional amendment that would generate $1.6 billion statewide for PreK-12 public education. 

This amendment would move Colorado near, but not quite at, the national average for per pupil spending.

A nonprofit K-12 public education advocacy group is coordinating this effort.

If Amendment 73 passes, Jeffco Public Schools would receive a significant increase in funding, approximately $1,600 more per student each year (~$134 million/year).

Learn more in this quick facts sheet about Amendment 73 and Jeffco Public Schools.


How is Amendment 73 Paid For?

  • 92% of Coloradans would pay no new tax increase
  • Income tax on filers making more than $150,000 annually
  • Tax on corporations
  • Creates a reduction in property tax rates, compared to current levels:
    • 0.2% residential
    • 5% commercial
  • Other locally-approved taxes not affected

Jeffco Public Schools Focus Areas for Amendment 73

  • Attract and retain quality teachers and staff
  • Additional programs and services for students (career/technical, college preparation, arts and music, and more)
  • Address class size and staffing shortages
  • Early childhood education and full-day kindergarten
  • Targeted supports for:
    • Gifted and talented
    • Special education
    • At-risk students
    • English language learners

Arguments For Amendment 73

  • One of government's most important functions is to provide children with a high-quality education. Colorado's economy is one of the strongest in the nation and now is the best time to invest.
  • Addressing the chronic underfunding of our schools and investing in public education support a prepared workforce, safe and healthy communities, a vibrant economy and the next generations of leaders, entrepreneurs and care takers.
  • All Colorado students and schools benefit through increases to base funding, full day kindergarten, at-risk, ELL, special needs, and gifted and talented. Dollars are under control of your locally elected school board.

Arguments Against Amendment 73

  • Amendment 73 is a $1.6 billion tax increase that may impede economic expansion. Increasing state income taxes reduces the money that households have to spend or save. As a result, consumer spending and overall economic activity may also decline.
  • This measure imposes an additional tax burden on state taxpayers without any guarantee of increased academic achievement.
  • A graduated income tax decreases productivity because as a person's income rises, the percentage of their income that they get to take home decreases because the marginal tax rate increases. It will drive wealth out of the state.


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