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During this stressful and uncertain time, it is essential to address and tend to the mental health and wellness of ourselves, our family, and community. Below you will find a variety of resources to support you and your family members.

SUMMER FOCUS: family support

Family Support is a major protective factor in the life of a child or teen. Healthy family functioning is about families spending time together, building and maintaining intimate
relationships. These intimate relationships involve supporting, sharing, and caring for each other within the family unit, and it includes couples, children, other/extended family members, and friends.

10 Ways to Bring Your Family Together Everyday

Get a conversation started with your child or teen to connect with them
and keep the conversation going. Questions and conversation starters should be
natural, not an interrogation. If you rapidly fire questions at your child, they'll be more likely to get overwhelmed and shut down. Limit "big questions" to one or two a day and make it a part of your daily routine.

42 Easy Conversation Starts for Kids and Teens

The MANY Benefits of Family Traditions:

  • Make memories for families that last a lifetime
  • Provide children a sense of security by providing continuity
  • Give family members a strong sense of belonging
  • Help pass on family values including cultural and religious heritage
  • Keep generations connected and give them a family history to share



Mental Health & Wellness Seminar Series for Jeffco Families  

Join us monthly as we highlight and feature specialists, experts, and trainings in all things mental health and wellness related. Check back here often for our upcoming presentations. 

Jamie Doak, LPC, NCC, EMDR
Helping Children or Teens Cope with Anxiety Around the Return to School

August 12, 2021

After being in and out of in-person learning for over a year, many students are anxious about returning to school this fall. Students may be worried about judgement from peers, getting sick, reintegrating into social settings, doing poorly in academics or activities, etc. Anxiety is a completely natural reaction to this experience, but as parents and caregivers, it is our job to help students learn that they are strong enough to cope with their anxiety. This session will focus on using SPACE (Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions) to change aspects of our behavior, which will ultimately help reduce the anxiety kids are feeling.

 View & Print the Seminar Flyer here: (English | Spanish)

Register Here  Previous Resources & Seminar Recordings

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Smart But Scattered
February 25, 2021

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Sleep Issues with Dr. Ricky Mohon
January 21, 2021

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Nick Thompson    
Parenting is Hard
March, 2021

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Dr. Andra Brill
Mindful Families: Calm andConfident Parenting in Stressful Times
April 29, 2021

 family support


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School-based mental health services, staff roles, and programs

  • School-based services offered
  • Suicide awareness and prevention
  • Counselors, nurses, social workers, and psychologists
  • Resources


Family Resources

Fun activities that are healthy, entertaining, safe, and educational!

  • Academics and enrichment
  • Health and Wellness
  • Assistance Resources


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Explore tools and strategies to manage emotions and stress and calm both the brain and body.

  • Guided meditations and relaxation
  • Live cameras
  • Resources and apps
  • Yoga and stretches


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Student mental health supports around COVID-19, remote learning, and more

  • COVID-19 anxiety
  • Remote learning/hybrid learning anxiety
  • Frequently Asked Questions about the return to school
  • Depression, suicide, substance abuse, and other mental health issues
  • Find help in your school
  • Find help in your community


Source of Strength icon

Learn more about our comprehensive, evidence-based suicide prevention program and resources.

  • Suicide prevention programs
    • QPR
    • Sources of Strength
    • Youth Mental Health First Aid
  • Community outreach and training opportunities
  • Safe, welcoming, and inclusive environments
  • Restorative Practices
  • Crisis resources
  • Community resources

community resources

Jeffco Schools Foundation Jeffco Schools Foundation -Thanks to our generous community, Jeffco Schools Foundation is able to continue to provide supports over the Summer of 2020 for students and families impacted by the economic impacts of COVID-19. Through the leadership of our District, and in partnership with our community partners, corporate partners, and volunteers, we are able to continue to offer internet support for qualifying families as well as food and essential supports.
Jeffco Library logo Jefferson County Public Library - Explore new worlds, embark on harrowing adventures, and meet the most interesting people in the world - all from your own home. Reading has the power to transport us, no matter where we are. Join a camp, class, or daily exercise with Jefferson County Public Library and make this summer unforgettable.           
Action Center logo The Action Center - The Jeffco Action Center is the largest Jeffco Community hub and offers five-day food supplies, clothing, household items, mail services, rent assistance, utility assistance, and connections to community outreach partners. Food services are available for drive-thru and walk-up service. Appointments required. 720.215.4850.
Jefferson Center logo Jefferson Center for Mental Health (JCMH)– Offers a full range of services and resources to support the mental health of children, youth and families. 303.425.0300 | Español.
Colorado Crisis Center logo Colorado Crisis Services - A statewide resource that provides walk-in services for crisis intervention, referrals, or information. Crisis line: 1.844.493.8255 and Text “TALK” to 38255. The crisis support line and walk-in centers are confidential and are available 24/7/365.
Safe2Tell logo Safe to Tell – anonymous way for students, parents and community members to report unsafe and risky behaviors before they grow out of control. 1.877.542.7233.
Mental Health Center of Denver logo El Centro de las Familias  – Part of the Mental Health Center of Denver, this is a multi-cultural clinic providing Spanish-language and bilingual outpatient mental health care to Denver’s Latino/Hispanic community. 303.504.7900.
Jeffco Families logo  Jeffco Families Colorado  – Find childcare, preschool, and school-age programs in Jefferson County.
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