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Survey Results about the Future of Columbine High School

Survey Results about the Future of Columbine High School
Posted on 07/24/2019
Survey results about the Future of Columbine High SchoolJuly 24, 2019

Dear Jeffco Community,

Last month, we initiated a conversation in our community about the future of Columbine High School. The timing was driven by the number of “unauthorized individuals” (some 2,401 as reported in the Colorado Sun) who came onto Columbine’s grounds this past school year and the planned $15 million renovation of the current site using bond funds from the 2018 5B ballot question.

We put forth an idea in the Jeffco community for consideration: should we rebuild Columbine High School, further back from the street on which it presently sits, and redesign the building so as to remove the attraction as the site of the 1999 murders?

The ensuing discussion both locally and joined by those around the country, was emotional and complex and I want to express my appreciation and gratitude for the honest, respectful, and civil way these discussions took place in the Columbine and larger Jeffco communities.

In putting forth the idea of rebuilding the school, Jeffco Public Schools was careful not to say what we should do. Rather, rebuilding the school was presented as an option we should explore. In the course of our discussions, this option was considered and evaluated and other options and proposals also came forward.  

In June, we issued a public statement and a brief survey to our stakeholders about rebuilding Columbine. Based on our analysis of survey data collected, evaluating commentary on this issue that has taken place on various social media sites, reading opinion statements published in a variety of formats, and engaging in face-to-face discussions on this matter, I do not believe there is sufficient support to move forward with a proposal to rebuild the school. 

While this concept has supporters and merits, there are also valid concerns that were raised. It is clear to me that no consensus direction exists to rebuild the school.  

Still, while Columbine High School is now arguably one of the safest schools in the world, the “unauthorized individuals” problem at the school must be addressed. In addition to the great lengths that our safety and security team take to address each "unauthorized individual," more supports are necessary to mitigate the impact on the school. Therefore, we will be implementing changes to enhance the security and privacy of the site, including the creation of an improved and defined perimeter around the building.

While final plans have yet to be determined, it is our goal to create a classic and stately appearance for the school that the community will be proud of. The school already has an existing “Design Advisory Group” working on planned improvements as part of the 5B bond program and we will use these individuals to advise us on creating the perimeter and other security and privacy enhancements. 

We will fund these security and privacy enhancements from existing district resources within our capital fund and will not be asking taxpayers for additional dollars. The planned 5B renovations and improvements to Columbine High School will not be reduced because of these additions and we will not take funds from other schools planned bond improvements. 

I deeply appreciate the engagement and respect our community has shown in navigating this difficult question. I understand the prevailing wishes of the Jeffco community on this matter and we will work to meet those, keeping Columbine a great school and making it even more secure going forward. 

Kind regards, 

Jason E. Glass, Ed.D.
Superintendent & Chief Learner 
Jeffco Public Schools

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