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GT Advisory Council - GTAC


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District GT Advisory Council (GTAC)

Jeffco’s GT Department needs input from all stakeholders -- parents, administrators, teachers and students -- to help them plan their strategy to best meet the needs of gifted learners, and to review its current practices and services. This is stated as a best practice by CDE and encouraged by the Exceptional Children’s Education Act [ECEA, 2220-R-12.02(2) -- see below for specific ECEA and CGER references]. The Jeffco GT Advisory Council (GTAC) would represent various regions, education levels (elementary & secondary) and stakeholders, and would be a complement to the Jeffco Association for Gifted Children (JAGC), which serves as an independent advocacy and advisory group. See below to apply!

Our first meeting will be Monday, November 26 from 6:00-7:30 in Jeffco Ed Center room 2A.

Apply by Oct 30!  If you are interested, please apply with the appropriate survey below.:
Student Application
Parent Application
Educator Application (Teacher or Administrator)

The GTAC will:
• Advise the GT Department on its vision & goals
o Give guidance on the District Unified Improvement Plan (D-UIP) GT Addendum
o Long-term Program Planning
o Budget allocations
• Provide feedback on what’s happening from their region/level perspectives
• Discuss best ways to gather feedback from other stakeholders
• Review communications from the GT department

The following stakeholder groups will represent each of the following regions: North, Central, South, Mountain (at least 1 representative from each stakeholder group will not be from a GT Center School, so that we can get a balanced perspective from non-Center schools):
• 4 Parents
• 4 Teachers (at least 1 from elementary and secondary)
• 4 Administrators (at least 1 from elementary and secondary)
• 4 Students
• [GT Department staff may be represented as ex officio members]

• GTAC will have a designated page on the GT website, listing:
o Meeting minutes
o Findings and/or reports on effectiveness of GT programming, best use of      resources, etc.
• Communication about meetings, findings, etc. will also be made via the GT Gazette        newsletter

Meeting Frequency & Logistics:
For 2018-19: 2 meetings will be held at the Ed Center -- one in the fall (November 26, 6:00-7:30) and one in the Spring (April).
For 2019-20, GTAC will meet quarterly in August, October/November, February and April. The location for each of these meetings will rotate to the 4 regional areas (North, Central, South and Mountain) to better get a sense for each region’s needs. Each host region will highlight GT happenings and needs for that particular region at the meeting.

CDE guidelines/references
CDE GT guidelines mandate that all stakeholder voices should inform gifted programs:

ECEA references [2220-R-12.00]:
Section 12.02(2)(a)(i) The program plan shall describe how the AU implements parent,   family, and student engagement and communication with regard to gifted education programs   that include, but are not limited to: how parents are informed about access to identification   procedures; ways to educate parents and families about giftedness or parenting gifted   students; information about involvement and progress reporting; what programming options are    available to match student strengths and challenges; information about concurrent enrollment;   how to be involved in college and career planning; primary languages in the AU, and ways   parents and families may participate in the school community.
12.02(2)(i)(iv) Methods for self-evaluation of the gifted program including a schedule for  periodic feedback and review (e.g., review of gifted policy, goals, identification                process, programming components, personnel, budget and reporting practices, and the impact of gifted programming on student achievement and progress).
12.02(2)(i)(v) Methods by which parents, educators, and other required persons are informed about the methods described in 12.02(2)(i)(i-iv) above.

CGER feedback: In our 2017 Colorado Gifted Education Review (C-GER), we received the following action step:
Establish a method for self-evaluation of the gifted program including a schedule for periodic feedback and review to teachers, parents and other stakeholders. [12.02 (1)(e)(v)] (p 15)]

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